Why We Crave Chocolate and Not Broccoli

Wouldn’t dieting be easy if we only craved healthy food? However very few people are made that way, and most of us find things like donuts, bread, chocolate, cheese and fried chicken much more appealing than, say, steamed broccoli, a plain grilled chicken breast or a piece of fruit. Foods we crave tend to be those which have little nutritional value, are high in salt, sugar and fat, and don’t even fill us up that well. So why do we crave them?
The appeal of food has a lot to do with convenience. If you’re at a soccer game and you want a snack, you aren’t likely to find much beyond hot 
dogs, burgers and popcorn. In fact, you smelt these as you walked into the stadium, and have been craving them ever since. The hot buttered popcorn, the juicy fried onions and everything else seems to go ‘hand in hand’ with watching the game. Everyone else is enjoying this food so why shouldn’t you? The apple you brought in case you get hungry doesn’t seem so appealing now, does it? We crave things we believe are going to give us pleasure. It’s part of being human after all.

Trick Your Mind with These Clever Swaps

The point is it is all about compromise. You can crave chocolate all week then allow yourself one small candy bar at the weekend, as a reward for eating healthily all week long, or you can try ‘fakeout’ which is like takeout but healthier!
If you crave a juicy burger with fries, make your own using a whole wheat bun, a lean turkey patty and some oven fries. If you want Chinese, consider making the noodles out of zucchini and using seasonings like low-sodium soy sauce, garlic and black pepper rather than lashings of sugar and salt.
Are strawberry milkshakes your downfall? Add some skim milk to the blender with a handful of fresh (or frozen) strawberries, a teaspoon of honey and plenty of ice, and you have your own strawberry shake which tastes great and has less than half the amount of calories and fat as the kind you would buy.
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