Healthy Food Can Taste Good Too

A lot of people believe that if a certain food or activity is good for you, then it can’t possibly be enjoyable, but this is not true at all. When faced with a burger and fries or a salad, we automatically think the burger and fries is going to be better simply because it is the least healthy option.
However, let’s take a closer look at that salad. If you’re picturing limp lettuce, a shriveled up piece of cucumber and little else, then think again. Instead imagine a huge bowl filled with greens, some juicy chicken still warm from the grill, crunchy bacon, radishes, grated carrot, couscous,
shredded cheddar cheese, crunchy pecans, a tangy vinaigrette, dried cranberries, and juicy slices of green apple.

Now which one sounds better? Even if you still lean toward the burger, you can see how a ‘salad’ doesn’t have to be boring. If we widen our expectation of what a ‘healthy meal’ has to be, it is possible to find all kinds of new possibilities. There are so many dishes all over the globe with the ‘wow’ factor needed to make our mouths water. Why not pick a cuisine and find out which dishes are the most popular?
Whether you are looking at spicy Indian food, fresh Mediterranean inspired dishes, Eastern European vegetable soups, or even something from much closer to home, trying new flavors can kick-start your resolution to eat more healthy, by making you crave different types of healthy options rather than limiting yourself to boring ones.

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