Can Spices Really Liven Up Any Dish?

Although it is a popular belief that healthy food is boring, this isn’t always the case. A plain vegetable soup might sound boring, but throw in some fresh herbs or aromatic spices, and see how the flavor is elevated to the next level. The addition of spice can liven up meals which might otherwise have little flavor.

Don’t Settle for Boring

A plain chicken breast might not be as appealing an option as a bucket of fried chicken from your favorite fast food joint. However, if you were to 
marinate that chicken with herbs and spices, perhaps some lemon or lime juice too, you can infuse it with just as much flavor.

Next you might like to prepare a light crispy coating, spray it with cooking spray and bake it in the oven. The resulting chicken will be crunchy on the outside, and juicy and flavorful on the inside, and even better than the high fat, high calorie alternative you initially wanted more.

Liven Up Your Sandwiches

Are you bored with your egg salad sandwiches? Well maybe you are simply combining eggs with mayonnaise. No wonder it’s getting old. Try adding some snipped fresh chives, salt and black pepper, a pinch of paprika and maybe a little mustard, and just see how much better it is.
What about your tuna salad sandwiches? Try adding minced pickles or finely chopped cucumber, some capers, olives, cayenne pepper, paprika, salt and good old black pepper, and wow! Your boring tuna salad is now full of spice and flavor and a joy to have between slices of bread.

Different Flavors and Textures

Not only can you add spices but consider fresh herbs and citrus juices too, or grab some peri-peri or teriyaki sauce from the grocery store and experiment with that. Something else which can really liven up dishes is to add a contrasting texture. If you are serving something which is soft, add some celery or nuts for crunch, some dried cranberries for a chewy texture, or a pinch of herbs or spices to add even more flavor to your dish. And don’t be scared to experiment - all the top chefs do it, and they come up with some amazing new dishes this way!

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