The Power of Little Substitutions

When you are offering fries on the side when ordering some meat or a burger, choose a side salad instead, or forget the side altogether and enjoy a piece of fruit later on. Swap your usual fried eggs for scrambled eggs or a vegetable omelet, and you will enjoy a different taste sensation which is lower in fat. Little changes like this add up quickly.

Watch Your Portion Sizes

Switching to a healthier way of eating isn’t only about what’s on your plate but also portion size.
You don’t have to stop eating cheese, bread or pasta, but think about having a small portion of pasta with a large green salad rather than a huge bowl of pasta and nothing else.

Eating until uncomfortable is not the same as eating until sated. If we keep eating after we are full, our digestive system will be overloaded. You cannot stretch the digestive system like you’d stretch your muscles at the gym. We use enzymes for digestions and overworking them can cause a deficiency. Practice eating until you think you are full, then leave the table and stop eating.
By making small changes like this, you can overcome your bad habits gradually. Even swapping white bread for whole wheat or using a smaller dinner plate can help. If you feel satisfied after eating, then the meal has done what it was supposed to.
Look at the French, for example. They have a low obesity rate despite enjoying cheese, bread, red wine and pastries, but they don’t stuff themselves with food. They eat enough to feel satisfied and enjoy the flavor of the food. This method of enjoying food and only eating enough to feel full can be very inspiring.

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